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We love home design tech that works.

Motorized shades are our passion but we get really excited to combine our shade systems with other energy saving home convenience technologies.



Motorized Shadings

Did you know that automated window shades can save you 10% on heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun’s rays in summer or letting them in to warm a room during colder months?

Combining automated window shadings with light control and temperature control and you have an energy management system that is simple to use, reliable, and dare we say fun.


Lighting Control

Have you ever wanted to turn on all your kitchen lights at once?
What if your exterior lights turned on or off based on the time of day?
Maybe you could trade unsightly gangs of switches for the convenience of a keypad?
Want to use less energy? Dimming a light bulb by 25% reduces energy consumption by 20%.
How about a “Home/Away” button?  Come home to a lighted house and leave without leaving lights on.

Control lights and shades together to create just the right amount of light automatically.



Temperature Control

Do you want your HVAC system to run with greater efficiency. The latest temperature control applications know when you are home and when you are away.

Temperature control is the perfect compliment to light and shade control. It provides the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems throughout the day, reducing the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems by 16% or more.

Home Integration

Motorized shades can be connected to or integrated into home automation systems. This allows the user to control all the home systems from one interface – shades, lights, temperature, audio, video, security, and even irrigation. Call us today in regard to planning and installation your Denver energy saving home automation system!

Overall, we’re just fans of brilliant design.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite products for both home and office.

Whole house control all from an iPad wall dock made by LaunchPort.

Sonos’s wireless music system lets you control what music plays where. 

Nest makes beautiful learning thermostats and smoke detectors. 

Goji Smartlock remotely locks and unlocks your doors from your smartphone.