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The Benefits of Shade Motorization


Motorization allows the operation of all the window treatments in a room, or whole home, at the touch of a button, whether raising, lowering, or tilting. Lutron shades include intelligent hembar alignment so all the shades in the room align for just the right look.


Proper programming allows your shading system to automatically use or block the suns warmth. Combine automated shading with lighting and temperature control and your potential energy savings could be 40%.


With the addition of timers, sensors, and GPS daylight tracking controls, operation is not restricted to a single wall station in your home. Whether home or away from home, window coverings can be programmed to function automatically.


Features like vacation mode provide additional protection by making a home appear occupied as the shades continue to operate based on daily patterns. Set your system to “Away,” and your shades will close, restricting the view inside.

We know shade automation from all angles

We’re Colorado’s only Lutron diamond dealer, their highest dealer rating based on quantity of projects installed in a year. This means we design and install more Lutron shading systems than anyone else in Colorado. This rating not only shows how well we’ve performed over the past 8 years, but also illustrates our competitive advantage: to provide you with highly experienced project design, management, and installation for any automated shading need.

We are so confident that Lutron provides the highest quality system, which they back up with an industry leading 8 year warranty, The Denver Shade Company also extends its standard 1 year free service warranty to 2 years for all Lutron installations.

That said, when you work with The Denver Shade Company, your choice of motorization technology is not limited to Lutron.

We have completed many successful projects with these industry brands.

Shade motorization in three big steps



Choose the right power source

To understand your power needs, we’ll need to know what stage of construction your project is in? Planning, framing, drywall or complete?

Your answer to this question will help us determine whether we should run wire (our first choice), or whether battery or solar power are the better choice.



Choose the best control type

To understand your control type needs, we’ll ask questions such as:

• Will the shades be integrated into a home automation or lighting control system?
• If yes – will the room to room control be done through the lighting keypads
• If no – Do you want to use mobile or tablet devices to control the shades?
• Do you need sun sensors or timers?
• Do you want “Home” or “Away” functions?
• Do you want centralized whole home control?
• Or the most basic question: hand remote or wall switch?

When we understand your needs we’ll provide recommendations and discuss the pros and cons of each product.



Integrating with your home automation system

Motorized shades can be connected to or integrated into home automation systems. This allows the user to control all the home systems from one interface – shades, lights, temperature, audio, video, security, and even irrigation.

When we start a project we ask questions like:

• Are you using a lighting control system? If so, what brand?
• Are you using a home automation system? If so, what brand?
• Is this new construction or retrofit?

Getting answers to these questions help us provide a better solution, a better system, and a better experience.

Our shade systems integrate with all home automations systems:

As a rule, we don’t just install the shades and say “good luck with the integration.” We stick around to insure our shades system works for your home and your life.